Model-Driven Development for Service-Oriented Computing



The MDD4SOA transformers give you the ability to transform UML models based on UML4SOA to industry-standard languages for execution. We support the following target languages:

  • BPEL and WSDL. A behavioural service specification may be transformed to a .bpel file along with a set of .wsdl and .xsd files, describing the service interfaces. The resulting code is executable on Apache ODE.
  • Java. As a technology show case, we transform service specifications into the Java language.

The MDD4SOA transformers are built on top of Eclipse. They take UML2 models in XMI format as input, as produced for example by MagicDraw, by Rational Software Architect, or other tools based on the Eclipse EMF metamodel.

Downloads & Installation

The source code can be downloaded from here (Oct 2010). The source file includes the complete package, including plugins for a) the SDE, b) the MIO Converter, and c) MagicDraw.

To use the MDD4SOA transformers, you’ll need a working installation of Eclipse. We recommend Eclipse 3.5. As prerequisites, please install the following tools using the Eclipse Galileo update site:

Help > Install New Software...; select Galileo:

  • [X] Modeling
  • [X] Web, XML, and Java EE Development

Afterwards, you can import the files within the source ZIP by selecting

  • File > Import > Existing Projects Into Workspace
  • Select archive file

The basic transformers to BPEL and Java, contained within the .trans.* and .smm.* plugins, will work immediately in this configuration. For the other functionality, additional prerequisites are required:

  • UTBM: The .utbm.* projects convert UML4SOA to MIOs and require the MIO Workbench to be installed. The package additionally requires a MagicDraw installation.
  • SDE: The .sde projects require the SDE to be installed.


Once installed, you can start a Runtime Workbench (Run > Run Configurations > Eclipse Application). Within the runtime workbench, you can right-click on any .uml file (for example those exported by MagicDraw) and select the UML4SOA submenu for a list of transformations to execute.


Welcome to MDD4SOA and its sister project UML4SOA!


Research partially funded by EU Integrated Project Sensoria, contract n. 016004. For more information, have a look at